Jan 09
Will 2015 finally be O365's year?


The shift to Office 365 (and more specifically, SharePoint Online) is an odd discussion topic. Usually the sentiments fall into the following broad categories:

  •  "You haven't moved yet? Really? You're clearly far behind the curve…"
  • "Obviously, everyone knows everything is going to the cloud."
     But when asked "Oh, so have you moved yet?" the answer often is…
     "Erm, not yet, but we're finalising the planning!"
  • "Yup, we've moved, all good!"
     But when the organisation is large and someone asks "OK, so no issues whatsoever?", the answer often is…
     "Erm, well, we still have some users complaining of really slow access. Damn Telkom!"

Things aren't black and white. They're (as always) murky and in most instances very grey, regardless of what the average marketing spin doctor claims.

In spite of the above, we're continuing to see increased adoption of O365 in our client base, and it looks as if much of the initial turbulence has passed and IT and Internal Communications managers are finally becoming comfortable with the cloud story. By all accounts, even the most hardened pragmatists are having to admit that SharePoint clouds are not just a nice fluffy thing to think about, but a real tangible thing to get value from in 2015.

Let's see what happens…

Trivia: Did you know that the average cumulus cloud, due to its large size and accompanying water volume, weighs close to 400 tons? That's a lot of mass floating around above our heads on an average cloudy day…

Jan 08
bSOLVe refreshes for 2015

On behalf of the entire bSOLVe team, we wish all our clients, partners and suppliers a happy and successful new year!

As part of the celebrations, we're proud to present a refreshed look for 2015, with changes to be seen across all communication platforms. We're excited to start sharing this with you, with the new www.bsolve.co.za forming the first step.

Here's to a 2015 filled with innovation!

Sep 25
bSOLVe is hiring again!

We're experiencing growth and hiring again!

bSOLVe is currently looking for 3 individuals to join the team in Cape Town:

Think you have what it takes? Have a look at the job specifications and get in touch...

Sep 15
SharePoint Saturday 2014

SharePoint Saturday Cape Town was held on 13 September, attracting a wide array of SharePoint enthusiasts to Sanlam headquarters in Bellville. The annual event aims to bring together the community through informal speaking sessions which address all aspects of the SharePoint world, from business to technical.

bSOLVe was the diamond sponsor of this year's Cape Town event, showing its support and appreciation of the hard work done by business analysts, designers, developers, architects, trainers and technical specialists.

An enjoyable time was had by all who attended, with most walking away from the event having gained a few new snippets of knowledge and insight into the SharePoint world. Thank you to everyone who attended, we looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Sessions were presented by two specialists from bSOLVe:


Photos of the event

SharePoint Saturday 2014