Migrate your applications to serverless.

We can help you use elastic cloud computing to scale your applications at will.

The challenge

Traditional server-based applications rely on defined capacity configuration, even when virtual machines are used. This causes wastage because processing power and storage capacity needs vary significantly over time.

By using serverless services with elastic compute capability, your applications can scale to processing and storage requirements as and when needed. The rest of the time, you don't pay for excess capacity.

The solution

BSOLVE can help you rebuild your applications in Microsoft Azure. In a typical scenario, we will:

Analyse storage and processing requirements

Design a secure architecture within Microsoft Azure

Create detailed functional and technical specifications

Develop a set of serverless components to replace the traditional application components

Implement the solution with a robust deployment and testing approach

Demonstrate the efficiencies gained and provide ongoing application support

The benefits

Cost savings

The use of elastic computing means that you only pay for powerful processing when it's needed. Automation can even switch off resources completely when they're not needed.


The scaling provided by elastic computing can cut processing time and improve the user experience by many multiples.

No compromise on security

With security-first design, applications in the cloud do not need to be any less secure than on your physical network.

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