Migrate your infrastructure to cloud.

We can help you to eliminate office boundaries, cut support costs and improve reliability.

The challenge

Traditional networks were designed for people in physical office locations, with applications and services used by workers sitting at desks or in meeting rooms while connected to these networks (whether directly or via VPN).

The definition of "the office" is changing. Operational systems now need to be available regardless of where people are connecting from, or which device they're working on.

The solution

BSOLVE can help you migrate parts of your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, enabling you to deliver the day-to-day applications and services your employees need to be productive, regardless of their physical location or network connection. In a typical scenario, we will:

Extend your corporate network into the Microsoft Azure cloud

Implement Azure AD to enable users to securely authenticate themselves

Set up serverless services to host previously server-based applications

Configure firewalls to securely make applications accessible outside the office

Implement Windows Virtual Desktop to enable users to work on a Windows machine with all their applications as if they were at the office

Provide hand-over resources and help your IT team support your users

The benefits

Cost savings

With less need for traditional infrastructure and operating system maintenance, support personnel have more capacity available for other work.

Improved reliability

PaaS (Platform as a Service) offers significantly more robust availability of services. With less downtime, less support is needed.

Improved access

Remote work efficiency is increased when important applications can be accessed securely and in full fidelity without needing to be at the office.

No compromise on security

With security-first design, the cloud does not need to be any less secure than your physical network.

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