What we do

Our services help businesses run better.

Custom development

BSOLVE has been a trusted provider of custom applications since 2001.


Our expertise in Policy Management and Controls helps our clients mitigate corporate risk.

Company Secretarial

Complex business structuring demands diligent entity management. We help validate and control sprawling organisations.

Process automation

We enable business scaling by reducing manual effort with processes which run either completely autonomously, or with human input.

Operational management

We help service and task management operations run smoothly with systems which capture, automate, escalate and report on work items.

Document generation

Using a combination of human and automated system inputs, we build applications which generate polished, ready-to-distribute documents.

Knowledge management

We use sensible information architecture approaches to enable storage and retrieval of complex data sets.

Secure client interaction

We have in-depth knowledge of the architecture required to deliver secure web interfaces.

Our clients use these interfaces to confidently interact with stakeholders such as clients, partners and suppliers.

Data visualisation

Need data visually represented in business-ready image formats? We can help.


We help our clients architect, deploy and operationally run all aspects of Microsoft 365.


When moving from on-premises to a Microsoft 365 cloud configuration you need a solid foundation. We can help you understand the critical aspects and plan accordingly.

Azure Active Directory

We have substantial experience with ADFS and AAD, let us help you plan and execute a robust configuration.

App deployment

Roll out the Microsoft 365 applications your people are ready for in a controlled way to keep support at a minimum and productivity as high as possible.

Security and device management

Security in a cloud-connected world is more important than ever. We configure services like Advanced Threat Protection and Intune to safeguard people and information.

Training and awareness

Transitioning to remote working but somehow you're missing a trick? We help you plan and launch a training and awareness program which gradually introduces the concepts and functionality of Microsoft 365 to your team.


We use an Information Governance framework with which we identify, define and implement actions you can take to improve your organisation's POPIA compliance.

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Cloud Services

We deliver managed services which free up valuable resources, enabling our clients to focus on their core business instead of administrative and technical tasks.

SQL DBA as a service

Migration to Azure

Migration to Office 365

SharePoint farm administration

K2 farm administration

Our stack

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